Thursday, January 15, 2009

Atlantis DSV C.A.G. mugs available!

I said we were going to do 2009 right, and to all high heavens I mean it!

To kick us off this year, I've got an offer for all you folk who keep track of the site and this blog.

I recently posted on NCQ with an open-offer to the community asking if they would like Atlantis DSV mugs made, and the reaction has been quite positive to say the least. I figure if I am going to do this, I may as well make the most of it and throw it out there to the rest of you as well.

Last year I had a couple of coffee mugs made up with the crest of the VF-107 Rapiers printed on each side and the letters "CAG" swung under the sword pommels. They turned out really well, and after over a year of use, it's still held its colour and print.

Over the course of January and February, I'll be taking orders for a new set of these mugs.

The above is the design that will be printed. Each mug will be done in white ceramic, with the crest printed on the two facing sides. The price is $20 (Australian), plus shipping and handling from Australia, payable with paypal or direct deposit if you live in Australia.

Payment has to be made before shipping, and all postage will be insured to protect you and your goods from damage or loss.

The first order will be made on 25 January, 2009, so if you would like one of these mugs, please contact me before then.

Orders can be sent to my email address at and I will confirm your order by providing you with paypal details. Please indicate how many mugs you would like (if applicable) and to where/whom you would like it shipped.

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