Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reverence Progress Log... Part 3

Another update to this most storied of classes...

Some background -

The UEO Reverence class battlecruiser was designed as the best answer to Macronesia's growing armada. While the Atlantis class DSVs hold the mantle of the UEO's most powerful warships out-right, the monstrous cost of these unique ships prohibits their construction at a fleet-wide scale.

The Reverence, weighing in at over 50,000 tonnes and sporting a full length not less than 265 meters stem-to-stern is one of the most technically advanced, well-rounded, versatile and best protected ships in the UEO fleet. First appearing in 2039 as a successor to the ageing, worn-out fleet of Poseidon class fleet carriers, the Reverence remains without peer in the UEO and Macronesian fleets. No single ship can match her in weight of torpedo salvos, and her formidable sea-wing of up to six squadrons of Raptor and Stormhawk subfighters are matched only by Macronesia's Honorious class carriers.

Thirteen vessels were constructed between the years of 2039 and 2042. They were the Reverence, Constellation, Poseidon, Saratoga, Ark Royal, Neptune, Seahawk, Sovereign, Archangel, Kitty Hawk, Royal Oak, Ticonderoga and Commonwealth. One of their number, Kitty Hawk, served as the flagship of the UEO 4th Fleet in the defence of Pearl Harbor where it was ultimately destroyed while holding off an entire squadron of Alliance Tempest class Heavy Cruisers for nearly forty five minutes.

Some of these vessels have gained as much notoriety as the fabled DSVs themselves. Ships such as the Ticonderoga, under the command of Admiral Mitchell Morgan continue to distinguish themselves in famous actions across the Pacific whilst acting as the flagships of the UEO's heaviest taskforces. If the location of a Reverence can be confirmed by the Alliance, it is almost a certainty that every effort will be made to dispatch it, or if the necessary firepower is not available, standing orders for Macronesian commanders are to avoid them at any cost.

The last of the class, the UEO Commonwealth rolled out of her San Angeles docks in late 2042. As of 2043, she is under the command of Captain James Banick.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Reverence Progress Log... Part 2

So, a few weeks ago I posted a rather 'sketchy' (no pun intended) drawing of what is fanning out to be the new Reverence class Battlecruiser.

Well, after some work in Maya, she is beginning to shape up.

Here is the UEO Commonwealth, as she appeared 15 minutes ago.