Thursday, September 18, 2008

The dragging of heels... (Important)

Hey folks.

If you're still reading this after so very long, then my thanks to you.

It has been a very long time since my last update to either this blog or the Atlantis website. I'd apologise, but instead, I'll try to explain why.

For the past several months my life has been a very mentally-trying, emotionally exhausting experience. My studies are not to blame, and neither is lazyness, which is probably what's bothered me most because both can be fixed with relative ease. The first is simply a case of time management, and the other will fix itself with a good bought of kicking myself in the ass.

Without bringing my personal problems to the internet for the whole world to see, I'll summarize: In the last twelve months, all of my usual hobbies have suffered a feeling of general lethagy, apathy and lack of enthusiasm. My studies have followed suit in a pattern of procrastination that dominates every facet of university and commitments, and I have had very little energy to do anything. This - as my friends have called it - is a "creative funk" that merely needs me to explore new things, and correct some problems in my life that have led to everything else suffering.
This, as you have no doubt gleaned, includes Atlantis.

This is not because I do not enjoy these parts of my life anymore. I do, and I fully intend to continue with them once my issues have been resolved, however sometimes - as I have been reminded by my family on several ocassions - it is necessary for every writer to pull their head out of the books and take in the world around them.

I have worked on Atlantis for over 5 years without pause or rest. In that time I have come to be very proud of some of the stories that have developed from it, and I have eagerly looked to the future of where the series is headed.

Let me say this now so there is no confusion.

No. Atlantis is not dead. If it does 'end', you'll know because I'll tell you, and because the website, everything on it, and this blog, will no longer exist.

Atlantis is continuing... You can just expect it to continue at a slow pace until such time that I can find the energy to give it the attention it deserves.

I will still answer any and all emails about the website, blog and series, but for now I just ask some understanding as I get my house in order.

As I always, I remain thankful.

-James Ward