Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The End of Free Copyright?

The world has gone mad.

Courtesy of the Animation World Network (mandatory for anyone who is remotely interested in the field of CGI), I've been made aware of something which has me slightly concerned.

The US Congress, in their wisdom, wish to pass an act which essentially tells me that unless I dole out 1000 bucks every time I wish to register a copyrighted name, concept or work (read: everything) then I will have zero control over who uses it, because apparently it "isn't worth anything" and is therefore considered "Orphaned" by its owner.


it's sad that if this bill goes to pass, Atlantis as we all know it may very well come to an end - because there is no way in hell that I am going to leave the work up for people to read with this hanging over my head.


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mithril said...


this is a link to the full report on the "orphaned work" proposal.

summed up, the bill still follows the Copyright act of 1976, and anything you produce is still automatically yours.

what the bill does is open up items that no one knows who made to public use sooner than 70 years, provided the person wishing to use the item documents a "reasonable effort" to find the copyright holder of said work. and if the holder comes back and says "hey, that's my picture/character/idea", there are defined legal recourses to settle it.

central registries are not involved and are actually mentioned specifically as "the pitfalls outwiegh the benefits".